Hospitality in the music industry? Of course….

What is industry hospitality?
This may seem like a new word to you but it all steams from the word hospitality. According to the dictionary, hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host, or the act or practice of being hospitable.
Most people in the industry don’t even know that there is a such thing as hospitality in the music industry. We get so caught up with religion and emotions that we fail to learn how to truly treat one another. So are you saying there is a certain that I as an artist should treat others? Yes, there is. Are you saying that there is a certain way to treat entertainers using them for my event or function? Yes, there is. No one wants to be treated in a way that devalues their talent or puts them in an inferior position, but the trick is that it has to come from the guest as well as from the host.  To the people who look for the service of the artist, you are  the host.  Artists, when you perform a service for a host, you are a guest. This week we will discuss several stories of our clients and what they have gone through in their experience in the industry as a guest and as a host.

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