RKD Music launches New Talent Agency- SBI

RKD Music Management, a music and talent company presents Speakers Bureau Institute (SBI), a talent booking agency housing several speakers, actors, musicians and athletes. SBI is simply a booking agency that brings the industry to you by using connections and extensive relationships to help and provide a platform for entertainers and artists.

“We have examined the entertainment and music industry very closely. Our findings were that there are enormous amounts of opportunities in a so-called recession”, says Co-Founder Keith Douglas, who is also CEO & Chairman of RKD Music Management. “Our team has modeled itself on brand recognition and self development. We empower all of our clients to take advantage of a universal and global market that is highly competitive yet very lucrative.”

The agency’s roster lineup will include celebrities like LeToya Luckett, Flex Alexander, Melissa Johnson, Shanice, Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd, Lisa Leslie, Michael Lockwood, Jean Paul Samputu, Monique Jackson and Kita Williams just to name a few.

SBI’s main purpose is to provide a platform for entertainers and actors to utilize their interpersonal skills and talent to help them establish themselves as a brand and maximize their full potential of all areas in a global industry. Whether it’s a conference, banquet, college, seminar, ministry or workshop, SBI has provided a phenomenal lineup of speakers that will cater to your event. To book a client for your engagement, please call (310) 712-1980 or email info@rkdmusic.com


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