Studio Singers vs Live Singers

Always a myth of those top artists who sound so good in the studio. The mics are set just right, the vocals are tuned to a T and that record just goes on and on being so perfect. But have you actually been frustrated when you get to a concert and the artist just doesn’t match well with their studio masterpiece?

We know just about everyone can sing nowadays. It’s like there is something  in the water, because people of all races have just been blowing the industry out of the park with their voices. But what really goes on behind closed doors in those sound proof studios? Can a studio singer really take what they deliver in the studio and actually deliver it on stage? Some would argue that a few of these mega starts are phenomenal singers. Yes, in the studio they are. On stage, we’ve seen it happen and some do get away with lip singing.  But when you actually hear a singer on stage blow and take it to the max, it just gives you goose bumps.

One person says that Mary J. Blige is that person who brings up a notch on her live shows. She can blow and others say it depends on the singer. It depends on what they can do and who they are. What experience they already have and are they seasoned in this profession. You decide.


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