This Artist Dooney da Priest Says “Pull Your Pants Up”

Every day the youth in our community are exposed to many issues such as drugs, crime, violence and more. These issues have a major impact on the everyday lifestyle of the youth. Many music artists and rappers are sending out contrary messages. Christian Hip Hop Rapper Dooney da Priest is educating, building and attacking those messages the youth are exposed to. His hit single “Pull Your Pants Up” sparked major buzz in the city of Dallas and landed him on the Dr. Phil Show also featuring guests Rev. Al Sharpton, Mayor of Dallas and the Ying Yang Twins.


“I think it’s important for people to know that I didn’t choose the Hip Hop culture or Hip Hop music; it chose me due to its influential force in the neighborhoods I grew up in. Everything from break-dancing to rap music was in my daily life as a teen. My most important reason for my creativity as an artist is to overcome the stereo-type of Hip Hop used to promote drugs, glorify the life of a drug dealer, alcohol use/abuse, sexual immorality, guns and/or gang violence. My Message and heart’s desire is to inspire, educate, and elevate others in a positive way through music.” Dooney da Priest

Our hope is that you would allow us to show the influence that society has on the youth by joining us on the ‘Pull Your Pants Up Tour’,  where the youth are educated on how to present themselves in society and hopefully learn to reverse the negative messages. The new single “Pull Em Up” will release Jan. 25th everywhere online. Dooney da Priest is a client of RKD Music Management.


3 thoughts on “This Artist Dooney da Priest Says “Pull Your Pants Up”

  1. Thank you for make this hit sing “pull your pant’s up “it will be nice to do a tour around the us state for young men’s and girl’s who want to be like a man.

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