Did you know Lisa Leslie’s husband was a Pilot & Author?

Michael Lockwood is one of many unique individuals who stands out in a crowd. You may know him as the husband of Former WNBA Champion Lisa Leslie. A devoted husband, father, pilot and now author. I bet you didn’t know, Captain Michael J. Lockwood, is currently a commercial airline pilot who flies the Boeing 767 internationally for United Parcel Service.  In his seventeen years with UPS he has reached the distinction flight instructor; has flown ten successful years as Captain, and was nominated in 2009 as Flight Crew of the Year, after safely landing an aircraft that was severely crippled with numerous avionics malfunctions.

Lockwood is also a decorated veteran, serving his country in the first Gulf War and Somalia. He commanded the C-5 Galaxy, one of the world’s largest jet aircraft. In an effort to give back to the hundreds of disadvantaged youth who dream to fly, Michael J. Lockwood founded The S.O.A.R. Foundation, a nonprofit organization that awards deserving youth the opportunity to learn to fly.  Helping young people to achieve their dream of flight has been some of Michael’s most proud moments.  

 In 2005, Michael wed WNBA star, Lisa Leslie.  A year and a half later they celebrated the birth of their daughter, Lauren. Lockwood, then a father of three beautiful girls, added author to the list of his accomplishments by writing the national best seller, Women Have All The Power… Too Bad They Don’t Know It.  A book that has been recommended to so many young teenage girls and adult woman who are searching for whom they really are. Michael Lockwood is currently a speaker of the Speakers Bureau Institute, a subsidiary of RKD Music & Talent Management.


4 thoughts on “Did you know Lisa Leslie’s husband was a Pilot & Author?

  1. He maybe a hero and very smart individual but he appeared to be a lazy chauvinist pig on wife swap. In addition, Lisa mother and sisters were inconsiderate because they show up adding additional problems for the other wife.

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