Survivor of 1994 Rwanda Genocide ~ Jean Paul Samputu

“World Renown Artist”
Jean Paul Samputu, World Renown Artist of East Africa, is well respected for his phenomenal music all over the world. Having survived the fire of genocide ( losing his parents, three brothers and one sister) while emerging victorious from tragedy, Jean Paul Samputu travels the world as a cultural ambassador for Rwanda, bringing traditional African music to our people. Now, he brings his gifts and talents together by joining forces with RKD Music Managament, one of the fastest growing music management firms in the gospel industry. Together they are producing the Forgiveness World Tour taking place all year in 2011.

“We are excited about what God has brought to us. We want to reach our ministry to the world and we believe with Jean Paul Samputu’s help it will be done”, says Andrea Wilson, President of RKD Music Management. Samputu is a singer with a strong, clear and beautiful voice, which harmonizes and leads in soaring passages, and whispers in quiet ballads. His versatility testifies to his command of many African styles, genres and traditions, beyond Rwanda. He sings in sweet tenor and alto voices, in falsetto, as well as in low baritone growls, an airy South African style, and in the pygmy (intwatwa) style of southern Rwanda.

 ~ Soon to tour London, Japan, East Africa, South Africa 2011 ~ 


Holy Boy has 2 Smash Hits…Listen Now!

Hey Super Fans,

Check out the singles “So Good” and “Just Wanna Stop” by Gospel Artist Holy Boy. You remember “So Good” don’t you?

Well, it’s a down home, knee slappin’, up high soul clappin’, old school, side to side, choir swayin‘, “chuch” cut.  You’ll want to ask your grandmother to “scootch” over on the couch for this cottage testimony service opener. 

  Kristin Gregory 

That may help put some things into perspective. The Mobile Alabama Native has created hits in the past like “Church Tonight” and “Hold On”. You may have seen him on Jeff Major’s Gospel of Music and BET Gospel.

Just Wanna Stop

It’s time for Artist/Songwriter Darlene McCoy to shine

The anointed singer, songwriter and minister of Darlene McCoy is like no other than you’d expect. She has her own style and grace and as a mother has groomed and prepared the newest move in the kingdom of God. For years Darlene has had the opportunity to grow in ministry by servicing with some of the nations’ greatest pastors and ministers of worship such as Pastor Gary Oliver, Minister Darwin Hobbs and Elder William Murphy. She has her own uniqueness to offer the music industry that cannot be compared to any artists before her. Her style is best described as refreshing, innovative, classic, anointed and powerful.

As the host of the hottest radio show The Darlene McCoy Show on PRAISE 1025 in Atlanta , Darlene has become the voice of reason in the community all across the south region. The radio station is currently the Top Gospel Station in the Country and is a Radio One with over 700,000 listeners. Darlene currently partners with RKD Music Management to introduce her second solo album for 2011. The former EMI recording artist will continue with her urban inspirational flair and introcuse and infusion of worship to her fans. The favor on her life has attracted the trendsetters in the world of entertainment. Producers like Music Mogul Dallas Austin, Tommy Sims are just a few who will be collaborating on the upcoming project.

One of McCoys’ newest projects is her new book JENIMAC Moments, a book of Inspirational words of wisdom as we live our lives day by day. The book can be purchased anywhere online. New Single “I Shall Live & Not Die” summer of 2011.

Latin Band DW3 “I Got You” reaches #1 in UK & #19 on US on SmoothJazz

If you haven’t heard of this phenomenal trio of male latinos, you better watch out. New sound, new image, new noise to the music industry. DW3 group consists of members Eric Mondragon, Damon Reel and Billy Mondragon. You may remember the group Tierra back in the late 70’s and 80’s with the hit Together. Well, there’s your connection. A New Generation we call it and indeed they are bringing back sexy in their appeal and music.

The group currently released the Jazz single “I Got You” featuring Gerald Albright and it has gone through the roof. Its #1 in the UK and #19 in US on Also a second single release off their album was “On the Floor” (same title as the album). Currently spinning on Urban AC format. Request at your local radio station TODAY!

Go For It… Anything is Possible




  Over twenty one years in the industry and Twinkie is still a viable force for entertainment.Everyone knows the world of entertainment  is one of the hardest industries to break into and it’s even harder to stay on top once you are there. Twinkie has managed to do it all! However, one question still remains, who is the woman behind it all? Twinkie is a mentor, a speaker, a motivator, a leader, and inspirational pillar. She manages to juggle all this under the umbrella of casting, becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought after casting directors.

    Her latest project is currently “Jumping the Broom” starring Paula Patton, Angela Basset, and  Laz Alonso who is also currently on “Breakout Kings” where she demonstrates yet another remarkable example of the craft casting. What makes Tracy stand our from other casting directors is she has a good ear for listening to what the director wants as well as a great eye for talent.

    She truly knows the difference between and actor and artist. An artist is some who can approach a role with no judgments and find the humanity in each character and bring it to life. An artist, can draw you in through the camera in an instant, find the hidden message behind any character, and create a hypnotic methodical dance through their performancethat allows the artist and the audience to discover themselves and characters simultaneously. It takes a skilled eye of a professional casting director to recognize that potential in five minutes.

    Her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and discernment sums up a golden ticket in surviving in this industry. She not only shows you how to reach your dreams but also how to keep them alive once you get them!

   When she isn’t casting the latest project or mentoring, she lends her time to speaking at events around the community where she shines her light yet again. Here’s what one event attendee had to say, “Tracy, what inspired me the most about you is your just ‘GO for it’ attitude and ANYTHING is possible! That just gave me confirmation that I’m not crazy for doing what I’m doing in this industry, and it makes me excited for what’s to come for me”, Issac Lucas.

    Did you know that when Twinkie first started out she booked castings from a pay phone? She didn’t even have her own place to live yet but she made sure she invested everything she had into what she wanted to become. That’s what Twinkie is all about investing in yourself through research, studying your craft, and then going for it full force!

   We can learn so much from Twinkie through the quality of her work and her infectious personality. She has so much light to shine you would be crazy to put on your shades!