Latin Band DW3 “I Got You” reaches #1 in UK & #19 on US on SmoothJazz

If you haven’t heard of this phenomenal trio of male latinos, you better watch out. New sound, new image, new noise to the music industry. DW3 group consists of members Eric Mondragon, Damon Reel and Billy Mondragon. You may remember the group Tierra back in the late 70’s and 80’s with the hit Together. Well, there’s your connection. A New Generation we call it and indeed they are bringing back sexy in their appeal and music.

The group currently released the Jazz single “I Got You” featuring Gerald Albright and it has gone through the roof. Its #1 in the UK and #19 in US on Also a second single release off their album was “On the Floor” (same title as the album). Currently spinning on Urban AC format. Request at your local radio station TODAY!


2 thoughts on “Latin Band DW3 “I Got You” reaches #1 in UK & #19 on US on SmoothJazz

  1. Absolutely storming tunes i got you on the floor this band are tight the UK is waking up to you guys
    played these at a recent venue, the crowd love you

  2. I’m a big fan and have noticed that you guys play a lot of Stevie Wonder songs, if you ever need a Stevie sounding Chromatic Harmonica in the mix, I would love to join you. Stevie has been my main and for many years only Harmonica influence for over 35 years. Here is a sample of my Harp. Please excuse the shameless promotion, It’s just that I’ve been told by a lot of people via YouTube and other sources that I really need to do something with my playing and so I’ve made up my mind to make this year the year that I take my life long hobby to a different level and make something happen. The majority of my playing on this mix is around 2:05. The song is called “Love Will Find You ” and it’s by Peter White with Basia. Here’s hoping I don’t get into any trouble with it. Originally, this was my tribute experiment to Peter and Basis. When I first heard it , I just couldn’t resist playing with them. Anyway,thanks so much. I look forward to seeing you guys soon. As a Latino myself who really loves Smooth Jazz, I really am inspired by you guys

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