Survivor of 1994 Rwanda Genocide ~ Jean Paul Samputu

“World Renown Artist”
Jean Paul Samputu, World Renown Artist of East Africa, is well respected for his phenomenal music all over the world. Having survived the fire of genocide ( losing his parents, three brothers and one sister) while emerging victorious from tragedy, Jean Paul Samputu travels the world as a cultural ambassador for Rwanda, bringing traditional African music to our people. Now, he brings his gifts and talents together by joining forces with RKD Music Managament, one of the fastest growing music management firms in the gospel industry. Together they are producing the Forgiveness World Tour taking place all year in 2011.

“We are excited about what God has brought to us. We want to reach our ministry to the world and we believe with Jean Paul Samputu’s help it will be done”, says Andrea Wilson, President of RKD Music Management. Samputu is a singer with a strong, clear and beautiful voice, which harmonizes and leads in soaring passages, and whispers in quiet ballads. His versatility testifies to his command of many African styles, genres and traditions, beyond Rwanda. He sings in sweet tenor and alto voices, in falsetto, as well as in low baritone growls, an airy South African style, and in the pygmy (intwatwa) style of southern Rwanda.

 ~ Soon to tour London, Japan, East Africa, South Africa 2011 ~ 


One thought on “Survivor of 1994 Rwanda Genocide ~ Jean Paul Samputu

  1. Hello–
    I am interested in booking Jean-Paul for a performance at Babson College in the Boston, MA area (USA) sometime in September, October, or November. Could you please reply with his availability and price?
    Thank you so much,
    Associate Professor, Literature and Human Rights
    Babson College, Wellesley, MA, USA 781.239.4360

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