Actress Kim Coles Shares her story

Kim Coles..You remember the nice, bubbly light-skinned roommate, Synclair James, on FOX’s ground-breaking series “Living Single”. This show was a comedy that aired back in 1993-1998. The show also featured actors like Queen Latifah, Erika Alexander, Kim Fields, Terrence Carson, John Henton and many more. Well, during the whole length of her career, Kim Coles has sponged in great words of wisdom and now shares it with thousands every day.

She’s an Actor, Tv Show Host, Author and Speaker. Raving with her beautiful smile, people listen to Kim as a role model of hope. She released her first book back in 1997, “I’m Free But it Will Cost You: The Single Life According to Kim Coles” which became a best seller.

In her latest venture, Kim Coles is combining comedy and inspiration to empower others with her unique program called Open the G.I.F.T.S. Through speaking engagements, live events, workshops and products, the organization inspires others to discover their own true “gifts” so that they may share them with the world. Kim Coles currently resides in Los Angeles.

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