Get Wealthy without spending a penny!

Power To Get WealthKeith Douglas is the man behind his new debut book The Power to Get Wealth: No Money Required. Entrepreneur, speaker, film producer, executive producer and now author, Douglas transitions into the arena of
touching lives with the written word. He has been a successful entrepreneur for many years. As the Chairman of successful companies like RKD Music and Talent Management, the Speakers Bureau Institute and now the new Brand Fragrance ’US’ by Actress Tasha Smith, he has been The Man behind the Mirror.

But now he is transitioning his skills and talent into being an Author. As a Motivational Speaker, he is bringing life changing and empowering messages to the masses. He is known for breaking down religious barriers and transforming minds to enjoy the abundance of life that has been promised to believers.

“This masterpiece is a challenge to the mind, body and soul to every believer out there who wants more of what God has for them. Everyone wants to be wealthy, but once you find out the true meaning of wealth, you realize that you are not that far from it”, says Keith Douglas. Readers can purchase the book as a pre-ordered copy at ( before the October 11th release date goes live on Until then, they can tune into the world of Keith Douglas on tips about becoming wealthy.


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