Mo and Kita Define ‘Their’ Pretty!

Founders Monique Jackson and Kita Williams presents DEFINE YOUR PRETTY, a 501(c)3 non‐profit empowerment and mentoring organization established to promoting wellness and awareness in young women.

Fresh off the 2012-2013 UNCF Empower Me Tour, both Mo and Kita have truly defined who they are as women, producers, writers, publicists and entrepreneurs.  DEFINE YOUR PRETTY seeks to build the self‐esteem and self‐worth of young women by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons, and helping them to empower themselves. Along with the organization, the stars have launched their DYP Hair care and Beauty products which include Hair Spray, Hair Sheen, Wax, Head Scarf, Lip Gloss and Flat iron. These rising phenoms are not stopping there as they work closely to expand their brand of the hair and beauty line, creating a NEW Reality show, new speaking engagements and appearances.

The Entrepreneurs are the co‐creators and Executive Producers of the hit Reality hit T.O. Show. Their commitment and experience in coaching others to their highest potential is what has given this dynamic duo their success. Empowering other women to do the same is their mission. They believe the first step to success is looking in the mirror and loving YOU!

  That’s why these two ladies have decided to launch, DEFINE YOUR PRETTY, a movement designed to improve the self‐esteem of young girls, teens and all women.

Go check out to get a heads up on their new hair and beauty product line!


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