Gospel Artist Darlene McCoy Talks Music, Wellness and Weight Loss in Enliven Magazine!

Here is a peek at Darlene McCoy’s interview with Enliven Magazine.
1. Is the pressure the same  to be a certain size on the gospel side of the music industry?
“You know i think the pressure is not the same because in the gospel music industry it just kinda seems like that healthy weight is not such big deal um a lot of times you know people focus more on your spiritual life. It’s just such a um thankless place, a lot of people you know just kinda let themselves just kinda go in that area. But really I believe that is time for us to really really take care of our health because one of the things the lord says is that it is his will that we prosper and be in good health. It’s really not about the size but it’s about the health condition your in, and um I think that we need to put more emphasis on that.”
2. What kinds of issues led to your personal battle with weight?
“Um well one of the things is that I was diagnosed as Hypothyroid and was on Thyroid medication, and I was just the type of person I was fluctuating with weight up and down and finally the biggest thing was is that I finally made a decision that I am going to honor God with my body as well as everything else that I am doing because I wanted to be 100 percent whole”
3. How many (and what kinds of) unsuccessful avenues did you explore to lose weight?
Um I did a quick weight loss program and I did lose weight but you know the thing of it is if yo don’t change your mind and change the way you do things what happens is you gotta a lot of people with diets and weight loss programs where you don’t eat meat or carbs the fact of the matter is, if you just have to balance out everything that you need, because I really feel like quick weight loss situations just don’t last because what happens is if you loose it quick you gain it quick. You will gain it right back um but the thing of it is i think that it is a mind set you have to have a lifestyle change, and make a decision to make a commitment to your body. Um so any diet that that gives you or show you ways to deprive yourself and it include deprivation of any of the 4 fruits food groups that you need, I don’t think is a Good diet I just think its a different way that your suppose to approach eating um your eating habits, and staying healthy
4. Do you think that their is an overall unhealthy attitude about fitness in the Black Christian community?
Absolutely I really do and it’s really sad you know, I got to my gym all the time and you know the black community the black christian community it’s just not really, actually you know I’m not going to even say the black christian community, the black community is not as represented um when I’m looking at gyms alot of people really take of care of themselves because they got a clue as to the fact that cancer is real, high cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes all of that stuff is real um but you can prevent it by the way that you eat and I think that you know even in the black communities with diabetes and all these health conditions that attack us first we actually should be the first one in the gym getting ourselves together.
Check out Enliven Magazine to read more!

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