The Power of a Familiar Face to Corporate Brands

In Corporate America, it’s all about the exchange of goods and services. Corporations spend millions of dollars annually to attract the next consumer to become loyal to their brand. Have you ever thought who among ethnicity groups have the most buying power? Well a hint, it’s not whites or latinos. The Black consumer market has increased and due to the excessive trillions of dollars that we already spend, more corporations are catering their target audience to……..Blacks. Yes, you said it right. Take a look at a few of our clients to see what corporate brands they are representing:

Tisha Campbell-Martin Partners with Yoplait

Togetherness in Black Women’s Health, Tisha partnered with Yoplait to launch an awareness campaign in the black community. The campaign was launched by Burrell Communications, an ad agency out of Chicago/Los Angeles, and stretched to digital marketing, print in magazines and hosting an outreach community event in Atlanta, Georgia. Tisha is also an advocate for Autism, several other causes and would be a great fit for empowerment.

Lance Gross is tapped by Toyota for Green Initiative

Tapped by Toyota to be the face of the Green Initiative, actor Lance Gross also currently serves as one of the McDonald’s “Men of McCafe” ambassadors. Lance is a great talent for modeling, fashion, sports, community events, concerts, summits, panels and more.

LeToya Luckett is the new face of AJ Crimson’s Makeup

Currently an ambassador for Luster’s Smooth Touch, this R&B songstress is the new face of AJ Crimson’s Makeup Line. LeToya Luckett is a phenomenal talent to represent fashion, hair, makeup and beauty products of all sorts.

The next time you watch television, read a magazine or just listen to the radio, take a closer look at who you recognize on many of these media platforms. Corporations do see value in advertising in our community but here is a fact. Did you know that annually $263 Billion is spent on advertising and only $1.9 Billion of that is spent for black advertising? Its called a “drop in the bucket” according the Pepper Miller, Author of Black Still Matters.

RKD Music & Talent Management is designed to share in that pot by bridging the gap and connecting our clients to the black community.

Written by Andrea Wilson, President


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