SBI’s New Client Sheree Fletcher Making The Cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine!

Sheree Fletcher is known for being Will Smith’s ex-wife and the mother of his older son, Trey, but she often seems as much a part of the Smith family as Jada or Willow.

Although she and Will divorced more than a decade ago, Sheree explained that they were able to make things work by focusing their attention on their son.

“It’s not a competition for who’s the better parent; you want your kid to have two great parents,” Sheree said.

Get more of her story below and pick up the October 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


Stephanie: You seem to have always had a great relationship with Will and Jada. Was that always the case? Sheree: Yes. We’ve always kept our kids first; that was the thing. We’ve all had that common goal, and in that relationship, like any other relationship, you have ups and downs. You have times where you just don’t agree. But we were committed to working through our differences. We didn’t let personal stuff get in the way.

Stephanie: Which, I’m sure, is the best situation for everyone involved, but you know that’s normally not the case. What advice can you offer to women that just flat-out refuse to get along with their ex’s new spouse? Sheree: Well it’s silly. I’m gonna say that because you ultimately end up hurting the child. Like, you want the best for your child, period: you want the best father for your child, so don’t ever—I mean, don’t ever, ever, ever—talk badly or say any negative things or slander your ex. And that was another thing: Will went from being my ex to being, “That’s Trey’s daddy,” you understand? He wasn’t necessarily a part of me, but a part of Trey.

Sheree talks about her new marriage, “Hollywood Exes,” Whoop Ash and more in the October 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


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