Author and Entrepreneur Keith Douglas Prepares to close out February with a BANG!

Keith Douglas, as you may or may not know is the CEO of RKD Music & Talent Management (which houses a management company and agency representing over 30 clients), is an acclaimed Executive Producer, Manager and Author of his new book “The Power to Get Wealth: No Money Required”. Douglas has his hands full with new deals and joint ventures in the industries like entertainment, beauty, radio and more.

But if you have yet to read or pick up his most recent book, then you may be interested in knowing what “The Power to Get Wealth” has to do with YOU. Each month Keith embarks on a one-on-one journey to connect with fans, book  readers, Christians and many more who have questions or just want to get a word that sticks like a two-edge sword.


Tuesday February 26th 2013 @ 6pm PsT; 8pm CST; 9pm EST

Topic: Reversing the Mindset

Visit for call details


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