First lady Michelle Obama’s Second Vogue cover sparks backlash over April 2013 image

First lady Michelle Obama is making her second Vogue cover appearance for the publication’s April 2013 issue — and also sparking another backlash. On the heels of the minor controversy caused when the first lady spoke at the 2013 Oscars via video, Mrs. Obama’s latest media foray has attracted a large number of irate commenter’s to major sites. In messages that mix the personal and the political, anonymous users are taking the occasion of the first lady speaking with Vogue in a high profile story to go on the attack.

No, they are not discussing her blue Reed Krakoff dress (while some do ding her signature bangs). Fashion, itself a contentious topic, has largely been forgotten in the stream of online chatter focusing on Michelle Obama’s fitness as a model for children, her alleged overexposure — and even her relationship with her husband. Plus, the frequent accusations of classism the first lady receives when doing something perceived by many as “too glamorous” were also in effect.

“Our own version of Eva Peron takes another step forward with Juan Barack to play the populist game whilst living high on the hog (on the people’s dime) with the Hollywood and New York glitterati,” complained one user on The Washington Post.Many of the over 500 comments on The Huffington Post about the cover are similarly critical. “Her role as a Presidents wife should be doing good for the country [sic],” wrote one user on the site. “She must want to be a model.” Others used the occasion to voice fears about pressing social issues that the first lady has no direct power to influence.

“Can media stop doing this crap? Who cares [that the] first lady is on whatever magazines,” one such person stated. “My family is worrying to dead with sequestration. We won’t be able to pay our bills and my children will be suffering with my 20% pay cut. First Lady should do something more meaningful for her country instead of wearing nice clothes and smiling on the cover of any magazine. [sic]“

It was clear that several comments on stories about the April cover were deleted, suggesting that the ranting about Mrs. Obama was so bad that a substantial number of enraged site visitors violated these online outlets’ decency policies.But, there were a fair number of people who loved seeing Michelle Obama pose for her second Vogue cover — and a strong throng defending her against ideological assailants.

“Michelle Obama is one POWERFUL woman. She can’t even pose for a magazine without heads exploding. To all haters, it’s perfectly okay if you don’t find her attractive,” said one of the first lady’s fans. For Michelle Obama, these reactions — good and bad — are likely a part of public life that she has accepted by now. She stated that it was “absolutely not surprising” when her appearance at the Academy Awards set off a right wing response of intense, critical scrutiny.

“Shoot, my bangs set off a national conversation. My shoes can set off a national conversation. That’s just sort of where we are. We’ve got a lot of talking going on,” she said about reactions to her media presence. “It’s like everybody’s kitchen-table conversation is now accessible to everybody else so there’s a national conversation about anything.” Also, Mrs. Obama’s love of luxurious clothing is not as selfish as some make it seem. Ironically, dressing well helps the first lady to better serve others. “If you’re comfortable in your clothes it’s easy to connect with people and make them feel comfortable as well,” Michelle said.

Making people feel comfortable is something the first lady does continuously, whether she is working with the public on her Let’s Move! initiative to reduce childhood obesity, or contributing in person to the betterment of military families through her Joining Forces campaign. Yet, love her or hate her, people will have to get used to seeing Michelle Obama on magazine covers and television. Not only is she the most televised first lady of all time, Mrs. Obama is also extremely popular – more so than the president. Given both of these factors, we can expect a lot more coverage of the first lady in the years to come.

Everybody should get situated for what promises to be a bumpy ride full of passionate debates over Michelle Obama’s image


One thought on “First lady Michelle Obama’s Second Vogue cover sparks backlash over April 2013 image

  1. I am and have never been a racist, so I do not want to hear any of that crap. What I do care about is the United States of America. It doesn’t matter if the president or his wife are black, white or purple. What does matter, is the money that they spend so frivilously and that the american people have it pushed at us by the press. I cannot even afford to go to a fast food joint or buy clothing at Wally World because of the lousy wages that are paid to us. By “us” I mean the american people. What about the cost of living. I can harldy believe what one grocery bag of food costs. It is ridiculous. These people in office do not have the right to flaunt their gross over spending in our face. It just hurts. My husband was out of work for almost 2 years because of this crappy economy, while the President and his wife enjoyed all the luxuries the world has to offer. Why do we need to hear about it or see it. That is why some people get upset, not because they are racist. Stop pulling the racist card. It is just plain getting old and sickening. Maybe there are those of you that are not suffering as much as my family has in the last 4 years. Good for you. Did you ever think about those who are much less fortunate? Of course not. Just like the people in the WhiteHouse. No thought for the unfortunate. My husband is a diabetic, so when he lost his job and was on unemployment, half of that check went to Cobra insurance. Did you hear me, HALF of his unemployment went to pay for health insurance. It did not leave enough to pay for gasoline, food, rent, auto insurance, utilitiy bill etc. So, when you see someone who is suppose be for the people, flaunting designer clothing and shoes and handbags and going on extravagant vacations and eating at five star restaurants, it is somewhat disheartening. Stop the overspending now!!!!! Help your fellow Americans. God Bless anyone who is suffering in our beautiful country. There should be absolutely no one starving in this country. Nobody should be homeless. No one should be without health insurance. Hear me Please. Stop arguing over Dems and Repubs. It doesn’t matter who is in office. They all suck. What the hell is happening to OUR country? What happened to love thy neighbor? It is all about Me, Me, Me.
    It makes me .sick. Take your IPhone, Ipads and all your expensive overpriced junk from China and shove it. I want my America back. How about you? Who the hell cares what Michelle Obama is wearing. I care about my country and that it is going to crap in a handbasket. By the way, she does not pay for all her clothes as I have read on other posts. Wake the hell up people and smell the coffee. Are most of you living in a cave with a bag over you head. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. With all these fancy computers and readers and phones and pads, what are you reading. Get you head out of the sand. Who do you think pays for all the security for our fabulous duo in the White House? The American taxpayers, that’s who. We have always paid for that, but now it is ten fold. Stop your fussing and fighting about the government and band together to stop this nonsense. Do itit now before it is too late. WE ALL LOSE. Not just the dems but the repubs too. We are all Americans, maybe you forgot that. GOD BLESS AMERICA. LAND THAT I LOVED. STAND BESIDE HER AND GUIDE HER because she’s gonna need it. This is the first and last time I will ever post anywhere again. I do not give a damn what anyone else has to say anymore. Fighting amongst ourselves will never save us. Standing together will! Unite all Americans.United we stand, divided we fall.

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