Bishop T.D. Jakes and 20K+ Women Gather For 2014 WOMAN, THOU ART LOOSED!

unnamedMore than 20,000 from across the globe gathered to attend event in Atlanta, themed, “The Wait Is Over”

Atlanta, GA — Tens of thousands of women gathered into Atlanta, Georgia’s Philip’s Arena for an intense gathering of large proportions. Created to empower and educate women all over the world, The Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference remains a top attraction for Christian believing women worldwide!

Renowned for its marquee speakers and special guests, custom designed Girl Talk sessions and dynamic entertainment, Woman, Thou Art Loosed! is poised to address specific spiritual and practical needs of women. A first for the annual women’s extravaganza, several new elements were added, including; the ‘Women in Business’ panel, networking sessions, and morning workout sessions.

Keynote speakers this year included, Bishop T.D. Jakes,  First Lady Serita A. Jakes, Christine Cane; Pastor Van Moody; Vickie Winans, Pastor Paula White, Sarah Jakes, Gary Chapman and more.

This year’s musical guests included: James Fortune, Y’Anna Crawley (BET Sunday Best); Anita Wilson and The Potters House Praise Team (incl. April Nevels & Myron Butler). The night of Friday, October 3, concluded with a special comedy showcase featuring clean comedy by: Chris Tucker, Sheryl Underwood, Akintunde and Broderick Rice.



Joan Rivers declared dead after Melissa Rivers gives go-ahead to remove star from life support



Joan Rivers was declared dead Thursday after her daughter Melissa Rivers made the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support.

She was surrounded by close family and friends, Melissa Rivers said in a statement.

The “Fashion Police” host, who was staying in a private room at the Mount Sinai Hospital, was dependent on machines to stay alive eight days after going into cardiac and respiratory arrest, sources said.

The 81-year-old star’s room was filled with flowers, and her hair and makeup were done as Melissa Rivers pondered her life-and-death choice.



Tune in Tonight to Obama’s 5th State of the Union Speech!

Presidents deliver State of the Union addresses every year, but their success or failure depends on the success of the policies advocated by the speaker.


President Obama delivers his annual State of the Union speech Tuesday night, but it will be months and maybe years before we know how well he did.

The success of any State of the Union — addresses that presidents have been giving for more than 200 years — depends on the success of the policies and laws that are advocated by the speaker.

“Presidents are judged much more by what they do than by what they say,” residential historian H.W. Brands said.

Coming three weeks and one day after his second inaugural address, Obama is likely to use his State of the Union to outline an ambitious agenda that includes an emphasis on jobs and the economy, debt reduction with new tax revenue, gun control, immigration and climate change.

Though the president will have the full attention of the House and Senate, as well as a national television audience, these are not the easiest speeches to give. Presidents want to cover a lot of ground, and the results can often sound like laundry lists.

As a result, many State of the Union speeches don’t make the history books. Remember President Ronald Reagan’s call for a “New Federalism” in 1982? Or, for that matter, Obama’s declaration of a “Sputnik moment” in 2011?

The truly historic States of the Union — which have been both written and oral over the years — are the ones that signal major events with lasting consequences.

That list includes the Monroe Doctrine that established U.S. primacy over the Western Hemisphere, the Four Freedoms that guided American efforts in World War II and the “war on poverty” of the 1960s.

Despite the challenges, the State of the Union has a major upside for the president: the undivided attention of Congress and the nation.

“It’s an opportunity to amass a large audience to hear your side of the case,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, co-author of Presidents Creating The Presidency: Deeds Done In Words.

When Obama’s motorcade rolls down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday night, he will be fulfilling a constitutional requirement.

In defining the duties of a president, Section 3 of Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution says: “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

The nation’s first two presidents — George Washington and John Adams — delivered their messages to Congress in person, in the years 1790-1800. The third president,Thomas Jefferson, had a weak speaking voice and opted to send a written message in 1801, a practice successors maintained for more than a century.

President Woodrow Wilson resumed in-person State of the Union speeches in 1913. They developed into one the most powerful weapons in the White House communications arsenal, as improved technology carried presidential messages across the nation and world.

President Calvin Coolidge delivered the first State of the Union on radio in 1923. Harry Truman made the first televised State of the Union in 1947. President Lyndon Johnson upped the ante in 1965, moving the address to prime time, where it has stayed ever since.

About 37.8 million Americans watched Obama deliver the State of the Union last year. The president’s biggest television audience — 52.4 million — came in his first address to a joint session of Congress in 2009 (which technically was not a State of the Union speech because, like all new presidents, Obama wasn’t in a position to truly judge the state of the union).

Obama gets another chance Tuesday with a speech that sets off months of political debate on such topics as debt reduction, gun control, immigration and climate.

The results over the next year will dictate how well this State of the Union address is remembered.

“It’s tempting to think that speeches make history,” Brands said. “But it’s probably the other way around — it’s history that makes the speeches.”

10 Tips for a Stress FREE Christmas Holiday!


During this holiday season, we hope that you  started working smart by getting your gifts and shopping done early. Safety tips from us to you this holiday season:

1. Be proactive. If you haven’t gotten your shopping done, go NOW or later on tonight. Due to cold weather, most people try to be in by 9 or 10pm.

2. Make a list before you go. That way you don’t forget anything and have to drive back in crazy traffic.

3. Stock up on everything that you need so you can spend more time with family vs running around going crazy.

4. Start cooking early. People wait til day of to start cooking. Prepare turkey and food Sunday or even Monday to be ahead of the game.

5. Manage your MONEY very well.  Make a budget for what you want to spend and don’t go over it. People go broke trying to please everyone else. You must be smart and SAVE. Always have a little left over for emergencies.

6. Take a time out for YOU. Listen to some smooth jazz or your favorite music. Relax with a glass of eggnog or wine and take a much-needed break before family comes over for dinner. That way you can enjoy their time and have energy as well.

7. Take a body stretch to relax your muscles. We tend to be so busy before and after Christmas that our bodies become weak, tired and stretches helps to keep our muscles on tract.

8. Make your phone calls early daytime on Christmas day. The early bird catches the worm. The more time you spend talking, the less time you have to spend with your family. Or just send a text those you don want to talk to.

9 If you want to go out with family or friends, plan it and make sure you organize whether for the movies, to a dinner or a party. BE PREPARED!


Written by Andrea Wilson

President at RKD Music & Talent Management Inc


Why is it Legal to Sell Unsafe Meat?

Most of the population in the U.S. suffers from an acute diarrheal illness, every year. According to a recent survey, most people correctly identified food as the most common source of infection, but fewer than half (45 percent) believed it legal for grocery stores to sell meat with food-poisoning bacteria on it.


You can’t sell unsafe cars and you can’t sell unsafe toys; how could they possibly sell unsafe meat? They do it by blaming the consumer.


In this two-minute video, Unsafe at Any Feed, one USDA poultry microbiologist said, “I think the consumer has the most responsibility, but refuses to accept it “Raw meats are not idiot-proof. They can be mishandled and when they are, it’s like handling a hand grenade. If you pull the pin, somebody’s going to get hurt.”


So it’s our fault if we get sick. That’s like a car company knowingly selling cars with faulty brakes and then blaming tragedies on parents for not putting their kids in rear-facing car seats.

Patricia Griffin, Director of Epidemiological Research at the Centers for Disease Control responded famously to this kind of blame-the-victim attitude. “Is it reasonable,” she asked, ‘”that if a consumer under cooks a hamburger…their three-year-old dies?”


Some may question the wisdom of selling hand grenades in the supermarket in the first place.


Salmonella is the leading cause of food poisoning deaths in the United States. In Sweden it is illegal to sell chicken contaminated with Salmonella. It is illegal to sell a product that could kill or cripple our children. What a concept!


In this four-minute video, Fecal Bacteria Survey I feature an article in a meat industry trade publication that quotes an Alabama poultry science professor saying banning infected poultry is a “hard-handed” policy. He said: “The fact is that it’s too expensive not to sell salmonella-positive chicken….”


Can you imagine a toy manufacturer saying, “Sorry, we’d love to pull unsafe toys off the market, but such a large percentage of our toys are hazardous that it would cost us too much”?


Videos with other surveys on how much of the American meat supply is contaminated with fecal matter and food borne pathogens:


Fecal Contamination of Sushi Fecal Residues on Chicken Chicken Out of UTIs U.S. Meat Supply Flying at Half Staph MRSA in U.S. Retail Meat


Salmonella-infected eggs sicken more than 100,000 Americans yearly Total Recall


Questionable steps by the meat industry to mediate the threat


Viral Meat Spray and Maggot Meat Spray


In Zero Tolerance to Acceptable Risk, the fish and chicken industries propose moving from a zero tolerance policy on certain dangerous food borne pathogens to an “acceptable risk” policy given how widely contaminated their products are with potentially deadly fecal bacteri

15 Shocking Facts About Obesity In America!


Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. It’s the plague of the 21st century.


Meanwhile, America’s become so politically correct that it’s almost impossible to discuss the ”sensitive” issue in depth. Official statistics underestimate obesity, and interest groups are content this issue isn’t addressed properly.

Insider Monkey, your source for free insider trading data, compiled 15 shocking facts that you didn’t know about obesity.

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