You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

1. How do I submit myself for review?

Please email us at info@rkdmanagement.com

2. How do you choose your clients?

Most of our clientele are through relationships. We also do reviews once a year due to excessive overflow of submissions. Decisions vary based on several factors. Our SBI Clients are chosen on a quarterly basis and by recommendations only.

3. How can I book an artist or talent?

Please email the nature of your event, date, title, what client you are requesting, your contact information including email. Someone will contact you within 48 -72 hours. Or you may fill out a form on our website at www.rkdmanagement.com

4. How can I suggest a topic to discuss?

Please email all industry topics and questions you’d like to be discussed on our blog to info@rkdmanagemet.com. We will kindly review your topic or issue for posting.

5. What else does RKD Talent Management specialize in other than music?

Our company represents music artists and talent in the field of television and film. We also produce films and provide music scoring for our clients. We also help clients to produce their brand through grass root marketing and strategies in building their dreams and goals.


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