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Sisters Faith and Hope are best friends. Hope, being 2 years older, has always been there for her sister, so naturally she has enjoyed helping her baby sister plan her dream wedding in Hawaii. Faith and Norman, who met in church, have dated for two years, been engaged for six months and plan to marry in two weeks.

Yet, she has neglected to tell Norman one very important detail. Faith has sickle-cell anemia. During their courtship, she hadn’t had a pain crisis and since Norman’s job required him to travel, there never seemed to be an opportune time to discuss the disease with him.

However with their wedding two weeks away, Faith’s sister Hope continued to pressure her to come clean to her future husband.

The dilemma was, Faith saw her father struggle to take care of her sick mother, who died of a sickle cell-related stroke, at the age of 40. At the time Faith was just fifteen, and she’d already had two blood transfusions.

She vowed then, that she wouldn’t put anybody she loved through that, but when she met Norman, she honestly believed his love would heal her.   She hasn’t had a crisis in three years, and with her diet and exercise, her disease was under control.

But, with the stress of her pending wedding, Faith was having several small pain crises. Instead of coming clean to Norman, she pushed him away.

With his job, she felt he has no time to care for a sick wife, and convinced herself, that he was better off without her.

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