S.B.I Agency Welcomes Daughter of Music Legend James Brown

Speakers Bureau Institute Welcomes Deanna Brown to the Agency! 

Born in Queens New York and southern beauty raised in Augusta Georgia, Ms. Deanna Brown Thomas comes from music royalty! She is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, radio & TV personality, actress, writer and daughter of ”The Legendary Godfather of Soul”, Mr. James Brown. Ms. Brown Thomas is President of The James Brown Family Children Foundation (JBFCF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created according to the wishes of James Brown. Through JBFCF, she advocates charitable giving, conducts an annual James Brown Turkey and Toy giveaway in Augusta, GA and New York, where thousands of underprivileged children and families have received turkeys and toys during the holidays. She was named an Ambassador for Feed The Hungry because of her continuous work to provide meals to those who are less fortunate.

Ms. Brown globally supports education, careers, internships and mentorships in the music industry. She is the innovator and founder of the JB Academy of Musik Pupils, aka J.A.M.P., a year-round musical village dedicated to teaching students how to play instruments, create and write their own music. Deanna Brown Thomas holds a Bachelor‘s Degree from Towson State University and The Columbia School of Broadcasting. She boasts an extensive career as a broadcaster for Clear Channel, Radio One and CBS Affiliate, WRDW. She was Program Director & On-Air Personality at WERD and WAAW in GA both owned by James Brown. She developed an appreciation and understanding of the music industry by watching, working for and traveling with her dad as Executive Vice-President of James Brown Enterprises.

To Read More on Mrs. Deanna Brown visit www.rkdmusic.com


WDAS Axes Michael Baisden Show

WDAS Axes Michael Baisden Show

Michael Baisden Commentary: Goodbye WDAS and Philadelphia!

Michael Baisden’s show has been canceled at WDAS, here is his letter to fans from the market.

To my listeners on WDAS in Philadelphia, when you turn on your radios today at 3pm ET you will no longer hear the Michael Baisden Show. The powers that be at Clear Channel have decided that music is enough in the afternoon to achieve their ratings goals. Although we were consistently in the top 5, and beating our nearest Urban Adult competitor by 10 positions, the decision was made to remove The Michael Baisden Show. While I am excited about adding Columbus, OH, last week, and I appreciate my other 78 affiliates, there seems to be a disturbing trend in urban radio to opt to give the black community less information about what’s going on in our community, even when my program is competitive, and in some cases winning in it’s time slot.

Who is going to sound the alarm in Dallas, St Louis, New York, and now Philadelphia when the next election comes around, or when the next Trayvon Martin or Jena 6 happens? The Mornings Shows do a good job, but the influence of The Michael Baisden Show has been critical to bringing social awareness to our communities.

But I don’t blame the radio networks that remove my program; I blame us as a community. The main objective of these companies is to make a profit for their Share Holders. I was told by a radio executive many years ago, “This is an advertising business first and the (read more)