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Artists, how known are you in your city?

Everybody is trying to get to Hollywood, but are not known in their own back yard. If there are 2 million people in your city and you you don’t have at least 10,000 – 100,000 fans, then why are you bugging about being known in another state or across the states. In your own backyard you could come out with an album, promote your album and yourself and then go gold in your own back yard.

One thing that record labels are not doing anymore is signing talent who do not have a fan base. Back in the day it was normal for a record company to just sign an unknown artist, develop some songs on them in the production studio, put some money behind them and make them known. That’s what you call starting from the ground up and everybody wanted a piece of the pie, but the cache is that every artists who had talent just couldn’t get signed. There had to be something unique about that person to make that label invest in them. Nowadays trying to get signed to a label is like trying to stick a thick rope through the eye of a needle. The number of artists to the number of record labels is way over the top. So record companies for the last 7 years have been slowing down and only investing in those artists who have a fan base, a great presence and that extra spunk about them that makes them stand out from the norm.

So, why not learn how to develop yourself in your own backyard first before you try to branch out into the big world. At least you can have a large support system behind you that will spread the word about your talent and help you branch out to the world. Its your fans, who get you to go places. They are the ones who stand behind you and support you to the end. Artists, please wake up. You have a lot of work to do.