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Author and Entrepreneur Keith Douglas Prepares to close out February with a BANG!

Keith Douglas, as you may or may not know is the CEO of RKD Music & Talent Management (which houses a management company and agency representing over 30 clients), is an acclaimed Executive Producer, Manager and Author of his new book “The Power to Get Wealth: No Money Required”. Douglas has his hands full with new deals and joint ventures in the industries like entertainment, beauty, radio and more.

But if you have yet to read or pick up his most recent book, then you may be interested in knowing what “The Power to Get Wealth” has to do with YOU. Each month Keith embarks on a one-on-one journey to connect with fans, book  readers, Christians and many more who have questions or just want to get a word that sticks like a two-edge sword.


Tuesday February 26th 2013 @ 6pm PsT; 8pm CST; 9pm EST

Topic: Reversing the Mindset

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Urban Buzz Magazine Recommends #1 Book of the Year

Author Keith DouglasLooking for a great read to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions? Urban Buzz Magazine has declared The Power to Get Wealth: No Money Required a “must read for the New Year! The principles in this book will surely help you to meet your ability to obtain wealth”. Author Keith Douglas met up with Nigeria from Urban Buzz while in New York. Check out this interview:

Ni: In a world where money is a constant exchange, how did you conclude The Power To Get Wealth: No Money Required?

Douglas: I wrote the book because of the misconception of today’s society. I have started a lot of businesses and accumulated a lot of financial gain. Once I accumulated that financial gain I discovered that it had nothing to do with wealth. The meaning of wealth means all needs met. When you know who you are and whose you are, you begin to understand that God gives us what we need. Once you have all needs met you should be alright. The misconception is that wealth is about money and it’s not.

Ni: You shared with me about finding out you were dyslexic as a youth. What was that like?

Douglas: My mother had asked me to read for her, directions while she was driving.  I read it backward and she knew then that something was wrong. In class I could recite everything the teacher was saying but I could not express it on paper. In an attempt to hide behind my dyslexia I became a good actor. When it came to taking a test I would act out and make excuses not to be in class. When I would get in trouble I found other kids who were in trouble and realized they too had disabilities and were trying to hide.  You can have a disability but not be disabled. I had a disability that made disabled but I’m no longer disabled nor do I have a disability. I overcame dyslexia and decided to write book for such a time as now.

Ni: Amen, This is an “In Time” book.  When I hear a testimony like that, I can trust that what the Lord has given you is accurate.  As a CEO, author and representing artist, what have been some of the challenges to get there?

Douglas: It is all predicated on the Word. The bible mentions, Jesus learned by what He suffered. My testimony is right before you. I had a troubled teenage life but my transition from being a troubled teen, involved in illegal activity and all of those worldly things I was involved in then.  Prepared me for now. All along I had a passion inside of me for something better and everything I was involved with helped to shape me into what I am doing today.

Ni: Praise GodDuring the rough times did you know the call of God was on your life?

: Well I knew the call of God was on my life as a little boy. I grew up in the church, my mother was a God fearing woman having 7 brothers and 1 sister. We lived in a single parent home but she always put the Word of God inside of us. As a kid, I always wanted to write a book and own companies. However, when I got older and began to study and learn the word of God for myself, I realized and recognized the call upon my life. I understood that my dreams and visions were not a figment of my imagination. It was glimpses into my future.

Ni: You represent both gospel artist and secular artist. How do you balance the two?

Douglas: What I do is this. I know that the word gospel means good news. So as long as the quote un quote secular artist come with good news. I represent them. If it is not good news I don’t represent them. What we do is represent positive music. For me it is not hard because I don’t consider it the music business. I consider what I do my ministry.  So, ministry are my artist and clients and as the Lord leads.

Ni: What are some encouraging words for someone who is reading this and want to start their own business?

Douglas: Hababkkuk 2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. As I mentioned before your vision and dreams are not figments of your imagination. The bible says where there is no vision the people perish. It does not say where there is no fasting the people perish or no praying the people perish. It says where there is no vision the people perish. When I began to study the word perish, I found the word perish means to suffer spiritual death. So it is important to hear from God and commune with God. So, when the Lord begins to speak to you it is no different than when He spoke to Moses giving him the ten commandments. If you are obedient to the vision He give you and you follow and write it down, you will reach your destination. Everything that I am doing started with a vision and I was obedient. What I would tell someone is this, the instructions you receive will determine the season you create.

Ni: That is good right there because the devil will speak to you too. You have to be clear with the word to know His voice. Jesus said my sheep hear my voice. Going back to what you said earlier you began to study the word. Hmmm okay let me get back on track. What are good values to maintain as a CEO?

Douglas: As a CEO you must acknowledge seed time and harvest. My life is a seed and my passion is simple to sow seeds into others and expect a harvest.

Ni: Amen I see you operate in principles for real and an example of what you have written in your book The Power To Get Wealth: No Money Required. For those who don’t know actress Tasha Smith is your wife, who has a new perfume out “US” what is Tasha like outside of the characters we see on screen?

Douglas: What most people don’t know is Tasha is a Minister and she goes all around the country with her workshop and train new actors/actresses. She is from New Jersey and a mighty woman of God. What you see on the screen is basically, her acting.  Her true passion as well is to help others.

Ni: Amen, Wow! you guys are doing great things. I believe that is what this year is calling the saints to do. We need more leaders like you both in this industry to provide us with entertainment we can appreciate. I just want to say thank you for taking out some time to speak with me and drop some words of encouragement to those who feel they cannot obtain wealth. I certify that this book has the keys to unlock your potential to move. I believe based on how you read it and receive it, will determine your level of wealth.  Mr. Keith Douglas you did not lack on providing a way and I pray people will purchase the book and obtain wealth. Consumers may purchase the book online at and .

Douglas: Thank you Nigeria and the Urban Buzz Magazine for your time as well.

Ni: Keith you are truly a Key Player and I hope to see you both real soon. God bless.

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